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At Shore Spine and Pain, patients are our most valuable asset, and happy patients are our passion. Please check out some of the love we receive from our patients.

With the most advanced treatments available, delivered by passionate, well-trained physicians, it’s no wonder patients are so kind. If we can help solve your most persistent pain management challenges maybe you’ll be featured here someday soon!

Patient Testimonials

Robert S

10 years ago I suffered a catastrophic injury, shattering my heel on my right foot and ankle. After reconstructive surgery I was in severe pain which led me to Dr Rathi. Being a self-employed builder, disability was not an option, Under the care and treatment of Dr Rathi I have been able to continue on in my career where most people would have given up. Dr Rathi was able to keep me working and helped improve my quality of life. Not an easy task for such an injury. Thank you Dr Rathi.

Frank K

I have been a patient of Dr. Woska for 10+ years.  He has always tried his best to manage and keep my chronic pain under control.  He is an excellent doctor and is a wonderful person.  I would highly recommend him.

Lucille P.

After seeing several doctors and being told there was nothing wrong, I was referred to Dr. Woska. At my very first appointment, he knew immediately there was in fact a serious problem. Dr. Woska refused to look at results forwarded by any other doctors claiming that there were no abnormalities. While treating my severe pain, he sent me to several specialists, relentlessly searching for the cause of the previously unexplained swelling in my leg. He would not give up until we got to the bottom of the issue and thanks to his sharp instincts and dedication to both his craft and his patients, my quality of life was restored. 

The end result was undergoing another surgery to correct a dangerous blockage. My iliac vein was 99% blocked for several inches, which could have resulted in the loss of my leg or worse. I am forever grateful to him for being such a caring and thorough doctor. Dr. Woska not only listened to my concerns and made me feel heard, he never gave up on me and I am grateful for that. I highly recommend him to all.

Carol V.

In 2014, I had thoracic spinal surgery. Though it was successful with respect to attending to my compromised spinal cord, I was left with Thoracic Discogenic Pain Syndrome. My pain was consistently 8/10 and it impacted on every dimension of my life and work. I researched and consulted physicians to help me manage my pain, but I was unable to find one that really listened to me or offered much more hope than what narcotic medications would offer.

A friend who also suffered from chronic pain referred me to Dr. Scott Woska. I immediately found him to be both professional and caring. He reviewed my MRI’s, reports, and complex medical history. He also inquired about my very personal perception of my pain and how it affected me. Ironically, I am a psychotherapist who frequently treats people with chronic pain, and I am very aware that pain is perceived by people in vastly different ways.

There is a mutual trust between me and Dr. Woska that feels like a partnership in healing. He approached my treatment like a well-orchestrated concert of procedures, medications and eventually with a recommendation to implant a spinal stimulator. My pain has been reduced significantly. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Woska for his tireless efforts to help me and for giving me back my quality of life.

Jessica S

Hi my name is Jessica and I have been a patient of Dr Rathi’s since 2016. He is an amazing
doctor, very caring and understanding. He has great bedside manor and listens to his patients. I
have had many procedures due to my injury and he explains exactly what he is going to be
doing and what is to be expected. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs an
orthopedic/ pain management doctor.

Paul M

I have been a patient of Dr. Woska’s for nearly ten years.  If it wasn’t for Dr. Woska suggesting that I try the RFA treatment I would probably still be walking around with severe pain in my hips.  It is my personal opinion that Dr. Woska is one of the best pain management doctors in the area.

Thank you so very much Dr. Woska for keeping me pain free!


Joe B

I’ve been a patient of Dr Woska for 15 years. I’ve had four prior back fusions and Without  Dr Woska’s care I would not have any quality of life. Dr Woska and his staff are always willing to help in anyway they can. His care and practice goes above and beyond!

Barbara M

Dr. Rathi is caring and professional.  He is always up to date on pain management procedures and advice to help me. Dr. Rathi ‘s assistant Sam is very helpful and quickly responds to me. I highly recommend Dr. Rathi.

Barbara W

I have been treating with Dr. Woska for a few years due to injuries sustained in a car accident.  He has always shown kindness and genuine concern for my health and well being. I have severe neck and back issues and I have had epidurals and trigger point injections by him, with same-day results.  Dr. Woska has always pointed me in the right direction for relief of my pain and discomfort, even preventing me from having surgery.  He also went out of his way to correct a problem I had with my insurance.  Thankfully, it is also fairly easy to get an appointment with him, and I highly recommend Dr. Woska

John M

I would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent care that you provided to me during a very difficult time in my life. When  I came under your care,  I was in tremendous pain and at risk of permanent nerve damage and losing function in my leg as a result of the severe acute fragmented disc herniation in my lower back.  Your prompt diagnosis and superb surgical skills resulted in a complete resolution of my pain and restored complete function within weeks of the same-day procedure. Other doctors wanted to do a multi-level fusion that would have required hospitalization and a lengthy rehabilitation of at least a year to recover.

Within months of your procedure,  I was back playing tennis, golf, and bike riding.  I  also sincerely appreciate the caring and compassionate treatment that you and your staff provided to me and my family. Your patients are lucky to have such a talented physician and patient advocate in their corner. All the best to you and your staff.

Maria D.

I would like everyone to know how talented you are and the services you provide are like no others.  I have been a loyal patient for a number of years and highly regarded you and your talents as a physician.

Five stars across the board for yourself Linda and Donna.

Brendan F

I was told in my late 20’s that I would require major spine surgery but that I should wait as long as possible because it would be invasive and it would most likely not alleviate all the pain. I had a few doctors attempt to manage my discomfort with little success. Dr. Rathi spent time with me, agreed with the other physicians, but was willing to try to help. I had received epidural injections in the past with little relief but Dr. Rathi was able to provide relief when others couldn’t.  Dr. Rathi continued to treat my pain successfully for a few years then he told me how he had identified a new minimally invasive procedure that could provide me with lasting relief.  I underwent this procedure with Dr Rathi.  The recovery time was minimal and the procedure was successful.  For the past two years my back pain has been minimal, I no longer walk with a limp, and my quality of life has significantly improved.  I highly recommend Dr. Rathi.